It’s time for us to join the cool kids on the block and get down and dirty with a blog.

The content on this blog will probably be a bit scattered. We will have posts concerning our company and us, project updates and announcements as well as more techy kind of articles. I guess though that the overarching topic will be “Indie Game Development”. In the end we just want to share our knowledge, ideas and thoughts about stuff we care about.

To start off with a small note; ever wondered why we have a tree by our logo everywhere? Well, as you can read later in “The Chronicles of moondrop”, (let’s focus on the feature!) it’s an element from our past. Our first real game project was a “Bonsai simulator” (as we called it) and we made an early prototype for it that procedurally grow trees (or Bonsai).

Check out the Bonsai Simulator Prototype here!

Though the project is at a standstill we hope that someday we can use the idea in the future to bring the joy of the Bonsai simulator to people around the world!