This week something’s been happening in the Norwegian game development community, and that something is called the Norwegian nationals in gameplay (“NM i Gameplay”).

It’s a 10 days game dev competition hosted by the Norwegian film institute (NFI) at the beginning of each year since 2011. The winner gets a grant of 100 000 NOK to develop a game of their choice.

This years theme was temperature.

And we won!

Our idea was the interaction between two players, each in their own world of warm and cold. That in itself isn’t much, but the fun begins when the worlds shifts and turns as the players starts moving around. We made a 2d co-op puzzle platformer out of this idea and you can download it below!

Thanks to everyone that voted for our game at the event, thanks to NFI for hosting it and thanks to the Norwegian game development community for being awesome! We would also like to give a big thanks to Kenneth Aas Hansen and Monica Rong (concept art) for helping and supporting us making the game!


Download latest Adobe Air:

Disclaimer: As this game is the product of a week long game jam you may experience bugs. This is just the nature of game jams where there isn’t much time to clear bugs that aren’t in the way of the core gameplay. It was also developed and presented on a fairly powerful computer so you may have bad performance when playing (sorry about this!).

Ember Keyboard Controls:
Move left: Left arrow
Move right: Right arrow
Jump: Up arrow
Pick up/throw: Shift

Rime Keyboard Controls:
Move left: A
Move right: D
Jump: W
Pick up/throw: Space

Xbox360 Controls (same for both):
Move: left analog stick
Jump: A
Pickup/throw: X
Restart level: Y
Skip level: L1 and R1

Other keys:
Fullscreen (for controllers only): F (low quality), G (high qulity)
Mute: M
Toggle FPS: V
Restart level: R
Skip level: B and N
Teleport players to mouse: L
Toggle light system (may improve performance): T
Toggle light blur: I

dofs_3 dofs_4 dofs_6