Last week has been a sleepless yet exciting one for us. We took a small break in Degrees of Separation to participate, as always, in the Norwegian nationals in gameplay (“NM i Gameplay”).

just like before, it’s a ten day long game jam hosted by the Norwegian film institute (NFI) that awards 100.000 NOK to the winner to be invested in a game.


guess what…

We won! again!

The topic this year was “Cloning”, and we decided to create Multiple Clone Disorder, a 2D platformer where the player has the ability to clone the world and merge it in order to alter the state of the environment to solve puzzles. It’s possible to clone the world multiple times, and use this power for many  interests: Perhaps you want to use a clone to explore the world around without risking yourself, or maybe you need to go through that small platform with an enemy walking around, needing many tries before succeeding. The fun comes when you merge two worlds: the player will be placed in the middle point of both clones. This can be used to get into a room that is surrounded by walls.

There are many more tricks and challenges that this mechanic brings to us, so why not show you a playthrough of the prototype that won the contest?

Thank you very much to everyone that voted for our game at the event, thank you NFI for hosting this fantastic competition, as always, and thank you Norwegian game development community for being every year even more awesome!