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Hi, friends!

We are very excited to show you some stuff we’ve been doing outside our main project, Degrees Of Separation!

Norwegian nationals in gameplay happened last week, and we participated as we normally do. We talked about it before (we won last year!!), it’s a game jam hosted by the Norwegian film institute (NFI) that awards 100.000 NOK to the winner to be invested in a game production.

The theme this time was ‘Fear’, a challenging one in our opinion. We made a game called “Myco”, a platformer based on the use of light to progress and avoid enemies that feed on fear, which the protoganist get if he is in darkness or something scary happens to him.

The game features a mysterious person in a mysterious place where special mushrooms live. These entities produce light in many ways: some are static while others emit brightness for just a few seconds. There’s even one you can pick up and use as a flashlight.

But something else exist in this place.

There are unknown monsters that want to use our fear to get stronger and finally capture us. Fortunately, they are afraid of light, and we can ‘fight’ them using the mushrooms that cover the place. Or, at least, make them retreat so we can advance and maybe realize finally where we are.

A lot of cool games were presented in the contest, showing how strong the Norwegian industry is. We want to congratulate Rock Pocket for taking the award this year with their awesome VR proposal!

This week something’s been happening in the Norwegian game development community, and that something is called the Norwegian nationals in gameplay (“NM i Gameplay”).

It’s a 10 days game dev competition hosted by the Norwegian film institute (NFI) at the beginning of each year since 2011. The winner gets a grant of 100 000 NOK to develop a game of their choice.

This years theme was temperature.

And we won!

Our idea was the interaction between two players, each in their own world of warm and cold. That in itself isn’t much, but the fun begins when the worlds shifts and turns as the players starts moving around. We made a 2d co-op puzzle platformer out of this idea and you can download it below!

Thanks to everyone that voted for our game at the event, thanks to NFI for hosting it and thanks to the Norwegian game development community for being awesome! We would also like to give a big thanks to Kenneth Aas Hansen and Monica Rong (concept art) for helping and supporting us making the game!


Download latest Adobe Air:

Disclaimer: As this game is the product of a week long game jam you may experience bugs. This is just the nature of game jams where there isn’t much time to clear bugs that aren’t in the way of the core gameplay. It was also developed and presented on a fairly powerful computer so you may have bad performance when playing (sorry about this!).

Ember Keyboard Controls:
Move left: Left arrow
Move right: Right arrow
Jump: Up arrow
Pick up/throw: Shift

Rime Keyboard Controls:
Move left: A
Move right: D
Jump: W
Pick up/throw: Space

Xbox360 Controls (same for both):
Move: left analog stick
Jump: A
Pickup/throw: X
Restart level: Y
Skip level: L1 and R1

Other keys:
Fullscreen (for controllers only): F (low quality), G (high qulity)
Mute: M
Toggle FPS: V
Restart level: R
Skip level: B and N
Teleport players to mouse: L
Toggle light system (may improve performance): T
Toggle light blur: I

dofs_3 dofs_4 dofs_6

Although we did manage to enter the super finals with 4 other teams at NM i game play, we did not repeat last years success. Instead our friend Kristoffer won, which he truly deserved; congratulations! He has made a development blog for his game, and you can try a prototype he has put out.

As for our game, it has too many bugs to put out at the moment, and since we have a lot to do, don’t count on something playable anytime soon. (If we get a lot of requests, we might speed up that process).

We would also like to say that there were many other good contributions in the contest. It was fun, but we were a little too tired to enjoy the event to the fullest.

Here is a picture of our game showing two logs slowed down, making the main character able to use them as platforms.
Image of the NM game

Oh, and join a Game Jam near you, it’ll be fun.


It’s time for us to join the cool kids on the block and get down and dirty with a blog.

The content on this blog will probably be a bit scattered. We will have posts concerning our company and us, project updates and announcements as well as more techy kind of articles. I guess though that the overarching topic will be “Indie Game Development”. In the end we just want to share our knowledge, ideas and thoughts about stuff we care about.

To start off with a small note; ever wondered why we have a tree by our logo everywhere? Well, as you can read later in “The Chronicles of moondrop”, (let’s focus on the feature!) it’s an element from our past. Our first real game project was a “Bonsai simulator” (as we called it) and we made an early prototype for it that procedurally grow trees (or Bonsai).

Check out the Bonsai Simulator Prototype here!

Though the project is at a standstill we hope that someday we can use the idea in the future to bring the joy of the Bonsai simulator to people around the world!