Continuing what we started a couple of weeks ago, we have a new interview today.
Next developer: Karoline Skoglund Olsen, our artist. Let’s get influenced by her talent!

KarolineTell us who you are and what do you do on the team.

I am Karoline, the team’s artist. I started working here in September 2015, not long before  Alex did. I make the game’s art together with Owe, our lead designer.


What is the most difficult part of your job?

When there is a lot of work to be done, and all inspiration seems to elude me… I also have days where everything I make turns out not the way I want it to.


And the one you enjoy the most?

I love the days when I’m really inspired and everything just flows. When I can just sit day and night creating pieces I can feel proud of. It’s a wonderful feeling when you draw something and you think to yourself: “hey, this isn’t half bad!”.


Tell us how you make the game’s art:

What is your gear?

I work with Photoshop CC, and I use my trusted Wacom 13HD Cintiq. I also have a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium that I use at the office.


How do you make yourself comfortable before starting to draw?

Being the creative weird person that I am, I usually put on my pajama pants (when working at home), get myself a cup of coffee and just start to draw. It’s also nice to have some noise like music or Netflix in the background.


Can you explain the process you follow when you create a new piece of art?

It varies, sometimes I find pictures or art that inspire me in some way; other times I just start to draw and it just turns into something.


What is that amazing thing of Degrees of Separation you love most?

I really like the atmosphere of the game, the music and the art style comes together making it an almost magical experience, like a fairytale.


Why do you think Degrees of Separation will be a great success?

I think it will become a success because it’s so approachable. I’ve seen fathers play our demo with their daughters, siblings working together to solve the puzzles and couples discussing why their chosen character in the game obviously is the best character. I think that this is a game everyone would like; even people who don’t really see themselves as gamers.


What room would you add to the castle, and which use would you love for it to have?

I don’t know if there is something special I would like to add in the castle, but maybe a hidden room or something where you could have the possibility to unlock certain features or special levels. We were joking at a meeting, not so long ago, that it would be fun to add the possibility to unlock the “googly eye” version of the game if you got all the collectables. The “googly eye” version would be the exact same game, just that everything now has googly eyes on them, and I mean everything…


Share a screenshot you love, and tell us why. It can be inside Unity Editor, in-game, or showing your favorite software tool!

This is one of my favorite places in the game so far, this is after Ember and Rime fall down after the bridge breaks and land in the deep forest. I love the way the tree log bends and dampen their fall.

Ember Met Rime

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