A lot of time has passed, but we haven’t been twiddling our thumbs:

Degrees of Separation is Moondrops new big project. We are making a 2D platform game for two players, each in their own world, who have to cooperate to solve puzzles based on temperature.
Read more about Degrees of Separation on its dedicated site.

This has been an important and fun weekend for the Norwegian Game Industry. SpillEXPO 2015 brought us many good experiences, but the most important of them for us is the fact that we showed Degrees of Separation to the public for the first time, and let everyone play a demo. Parents, siblings, friends and couples enjoyed it a lot and wished us all the best! A big thanks to everyone who played our game and for all the positive feedback!

We held a contest with everyone that came to our stand. Visitors were given stickers of Ember & Rime as a challenge to who could arrange them in original ways, and take photos of it. We received many good entries, so we would like to thank you all very much for the effort! The winner was announced on our DofsGame Twitter Account and Facebook Page.