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Hello, friends!

As we told you on the last post, SpillExpo happened some weeks ago. And it was fantastic!

We spent three days showing our game on two stations: one with a couch and another one with two stools, a blue one and a red one, representing our two characters of Degrees of Separation.

Friday was the opening day, and people were a bit more shy and curious about the game. We had a big TV on the corner of our booth showing gameplay, and people used to stop and watch, attracted by the colors and the temperature transition that made them want to try themselves.

Saturday was quite crazy in comparison. The amount of visitors raised in general, but the ones wanting to play our game became so high that we had to use duct tape on the floor to improvise a queue that sometimes was getting out of our area. People really enjoyed playing with the temperature to solve the puzzles. Some just wanted to experience the game a little bit, while some others (my favourite ones) really got engaged and, obstinately, tried to get every single scarf of the demo. We had candy for the ones succeeding.
Of course, the players trying to uncover all the game nooks and crannies where the ones that loved it most, and will remember the game as a great experience they are really looking forward to play it in its entirety.

Sunday was kind of a mix between Friday and Saturday. There was a lot of people, but not as much as the day before. We were able to enjoy the expo a bit more and take it as a relaxing day.

Thanks to everyone that came and tried our game, we felt very well received! Having queues of people waiting to play Degrees of Separation was awesome and made us very happy, and we got pretty good feedback also. It seems visitors really liked the demo, and that is the best reward we can have after all the hard work.

We’ll keep up the good work and continue focusing making the game. Stay tuned for more news!

We are finally back with #BloggingThursday! Still working like if there was no tomorrow, but we have some very good news to tell you, so here is a small update on how and what we’re doing.

SpillExpo is the biggest gaming fair in Norway. It happens around November and gathers thousands of enthusiasts every year, and the number of visitors increases with each issue. This year, the event takes places 11 – 13 November.

Like the last time, we are going to be there showing a demo of Degrees of Separation, including the most recent improvements. As you know, we’ve been putting our souls into the project and squeezing our brains to progress as much as we can, and we think you are going to love the current state of the game.

We’ll hold a new contest, and everyone coming to see us can participate and get a chance to win a copy of Degrees of Separation when it’s released. Stickers, conversations and hugs are for free, so come see us, try our game and share our excitement!